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I'm Aline, lead designer at Aline Bichara Events. Born in Brazil, I moved to the US in 2016, where what was once a dream - working with events and design - soon became a reality. With over 12 years of experience in Business Administration, I was able to branch off and start my own company.


Our work is inspired by nature, texture and color. We often use the natural beauty that is around us and the places I travel to as inspiration for our projects. We believe that flowers are most beautiful in their natural state, wild, unique, and wandering.

I’ve been blessed with the privilege of being a florist & detail designer for many clients in Southern California over the last few years, and I treat every single one of their events as if it were my own. Sharing that joy with my clients means the world to me. 


I’m excited you’re here, and I hope to be a part of the team that makes your celebration unforgettable.

-Aline Bichara

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